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11-9041.00 - Architectural and Engineering Managers

Plan, direct, or coordinate activities in such fields as architecture and engineering or research and development in these fields.

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The tasks listed below can be performed to prepare you for a career in this field.
  • Confer with management, production, or marketing staff to discuss project specifications or procedures.
  • Present and explain proposals, reports, or findings to clients.
  • Consult or negotiate with clients to prepare project specifications.
  • Develop or implement programs to improve sustainability or reduce the environmental impacts of engineering or architecture activities or operations.
  • Evaluate the environmental impacts of engineering, architecture, or research and development activities.
  • Manage the coordination and overall integration of technical activities in architecture or engineering projects.
  • Direct, review, or approve project design changes.
  • Prepare budgets, bids, or contracts.
  • Assess project feasibility by analyzing technology, resource needs, or market demand.
  • Direct recruitment, placement, and evaluation of architecture or engineering project staff.
  • Review, recommend, or approve contracts or cost estimates.
  • Develop or implement policies, standards, or procedures for engineering and technical work.
  • Perform administrative functions, such as reviewing or writing reports, approving expenditures, enforcing rules, or purchasing of materials or services.
  • Establish scientific or technical goals within broad outlines provided by top management.
  • Plan or direct the installation, testing, operation, maintenance, or repair of facilities or equipment.
  • Administer highway planning, construction, or maintenance.
  • Direct the engineering of water control, treatment, or distribution projects.
  • Evaluate environmental regulations or social pressures related to environmental issues to inform strategic or operational decision-making.
  • Identify environmental threats or opportunities associated with the development and launch of new technologies.
  • Solicit project support by conferring with officials or providing information to the public.
  • Plan, direct, or coordinate survey work with other project activities.
All data sourced from US Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration O*Net Database.
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The items listed below are organized into sections that contain knowledge useful for pursuing a career in this field. Each section also contains a "Percentage of Importance" statistic that shows how relevant an item is to the occupation.
  • 86%
    Knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principles involved in production of precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models.
 Engineering and Technology
  • 86%
    Knowledge of the practical application of engineering science and technology. This includes applying principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to the design and production of various goods and services.
  • 78%
    Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications.
 Administration and Management
  • 78%
    Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.
 English Language
  • 77%
    Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.
 Customer and Personal Service
  • 76%
    Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.
  • 73%
    Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.
 Computers and Electronics
  • 68%
    Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.
 Production and Processing
  • 64%
    Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods.
  • 64%
    Knowledge and prediction of physical principles, laws, their interrelationships, and applications to understanding fluid, material, and atmospheric dynamics, and mechanical, electrical, atomic and sub- atomic structures and processes.
  • 63%
    Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as word processing, managing files and records, stenography and transcription, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology.
 Public Safety and Security
  • 61%
    Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies to promote effective local, state, or national security operations for the protection of people, data, property, and institutions.
 Building and Construction
  • 60%
    Knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools involved in the construction or repair of houses, buildings, or other structures such as highways and roads.
 Law and Government
  • 59%
    Knowledge of laws, legal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, agency rules, and the democratic political process.
 Economics and Accounting
  • 57%
    Knowledge of economic and accounting principles and practices, the financial markets, banking and the analysis and reporting of financial data.
 Sales and Marketing
  • 56%
    Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services. This includes marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales control systems.
 Personnel and Human Resources
  • 55%
    Knowledge of principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation, and personnel information systems.
  • 51%
    Knowledge of principles and methods for moving people or goods by air, rail, sea, or road, including the relative costs and benefits.
All data sourced from US Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration O*Net Database.
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The tools listed below include machines, equipment, tools, and software that is useful for individuals who are interested in this career.
  • Notebook computers
  • Personal digital assistants PDA
  • Desktop computers
  • Personal computers
  • Tablet computers
 Computer data input devices
  • Scanners
  • Drawing tablets
All data sourced from US Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration O*Net Database.
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The technologies listed below include machines, equipment, tools, and software that is useful for individuals who are interested in this career.
 Business function specific software
  • LSA Visual Easy Lean
  • ConfluenceHOT
  • Microsoft ProjectHOT
  • Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio ManagementHOT
  • Realization Streamliner
  • The Gordian Group PROGEN Online
  • Inventory management software
  • Ansible softwareHOT
  • Microsoft OfficeHOT
 Finance accounting and enterprise resource planning ERP software
  • Sage 50 Accounting
  • Agile Product Lifecyle Management PLMHOT
  • Aptean Made2ManageHOT
  • Microsoft DynamicsHOT
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAVHOT
  • Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOneHOT
  • Kronos Workforce Timekeeper
 Content authoring and editing software
  • Microsoft VisioHOT
  • Trimble SketchUp ProHOT
  • Microsoft WordHOT
  • Word processing software
  • Microsoft PowerPointHOT
  • Maintenance scheduling software
  • Scheduling software
  • Microsoft ExcelHOT
  • Spreadsheet software
 Content management software
  • Atlassian JIRAHOT
  • Workflow software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended
  • Adobe Systems Adobe LifeCycle ES
  • GitHOT
 Data management and query software
  • Amazon DynamoDBHOT
  • Apache CassandraHOT
  • Apache HadoopHOT
  • Apache HiveHOT
  • Apache PigHOT
  • Apache SolrHOT
  • ElasticsearchHOT
  • MongoDBHOT
  • Relational database management softwareHOT
  • Teradata DatabaseHOT
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2HOT
  • Amazon RedshiftHOT
  • Amazon Web Services AWS softwareHOT
  • Autodesk Buzzsaw
  • Data entry softwareHOT
  • Microsoft AccessHOT
  • Microsoft SQL ServerHOT
  • Structured query language SQLHOT
  • PostgreSQLHOT
  • Customer information control system CICS
  • MicroStrategyHOT
  • Qlik Tech QlikViewHOT
 Development software
  • Chef
  • Perforce Helix software
  • PuppetHOT
  • Apache KafkaHOT
  • Apache Maven
  • C
  • GoHOT
  • Microsoft AzureHOT
  • Microsoft Visual BasicHOT
  • National Instruments LabVIEWHOT
  • RubyHOT
  • Verilog
  • Extensible markup language XMLHOT
  • Apache GroovyHOT
  • C#HOT
  • C++HOT
  • Objective CHOT
  • Oracle JavaHOT
  • Practical extraction and reporting language PerlHOT
  • PythonHOT
  • RHOT
  • ScalaHOT
  • SwiftHOT
  • Hewlett Packard LoadRunner
  • Backbone.jsHOT
  • DjangoHOT
  • JavaScriptHOT
  • JavaScript Object Notation JSONHOT
  • LAMP Stack
  • Node.jsHOT
  • PHP: Hypertext PreprocessorHOT
  • ReactHOT
  • Ruby on RailsHOT
 Industry specific software
  • Autodesk AutoCADHOT
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3DHOT
  • Autodesk RevitHOT
  • Autodesk VIZHOT
  • Bentley MicroStationHOT
  • Computer aided design and drafting software CADDHOT
  • Dassault Systemes CATIAHOT
  • Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKSHOT
  • Drawing and drafting softwareHOT
  • Hewlett-Packard HP SolidDesignerHOT
  • PTC Creo ParametricHOT
  • HEC-1
  • IBM SPSS StatisticsHOT
  • MinitabHOT
  • The MathWorks MATLABHOT
  • Water surface pressure gradient WSPG software
  • RTA Fleet Management
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA softwareHOT
  • Computer aided manufacturing CAM software
  • Delcam PowerMILL
  • Geometric CAMWorks
  • Open Mind hyperMILL
 Network applications software
  • DockerHOT
  • GitHubHOT
  • Web browser software
 Network management software
  • NagiosHOT
  • WiresharkHOT
 Operating environment software
  • Apple macOSHOT
  • BashHOT
  • Cisco Systems IOS
  • LinuxHOT
  • Oracle SolarisHOT
  • Shell scriptHOT
  • Ubuntu
 Security and protection software
  • Virtual private networking VPN softwareHOT
 Information exchange software
  • IBM NotesHOT
  • Microsoft ExchangeHOT
  • Microsoft OutlookHOT
  • ESRI ArcGIS softwareHOT
  • ESRI ArcView
  • Geographic information system GIS softwareHOT
 System management software
  • Splunk EnterpriseHOT
All data sourced from US Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration O*Net Database.
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The certifications listed below are useful to pursue if you are interested in a career in this field.
  • IBM Certified Specialist - Rhapsody for Systems V8
    1133 Westchester Avenue White Plains, NY 10604404-238-1234 (outside U.S.)

  • Avaya Certified Specialist
    211 Mt. Airy Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

  • Avaya Certified Expert
    211 Mt. Airy Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

  • Oracle IT Architecture Release 3 Certified Architecture Specialist
    500 Oracle Parkway, Redwood Shores, CA 94065800-833-3536

All data sourced from US Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration O*Net Database.
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The licensing information below is organized into sections and is useful for pursuing if you are interested in a career in this field.
No specific licensing information is listed for this occupation in the area you have selected.
All data sourced from US Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration O*Net Database.
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