Virginia's Community Colleges recognize and appreciate your military service.

Credits2Careers evaluates your military experience for college credits and lets you see how they apply to VCCS programs that support your career goals...

Build, Estimate, Discover

Click here to get a quick estimate of possible college credits simply for your current Military Occupation Classification (MOC).
The colleges in the Virginia Community College System are committed to evaluating your military experience and granting college credit. This credit, Credit for Prior Learning, can then be applied to meet the academic requirements of a degree or certificate program at that college - so you complete the degree or certificate you need for a future career - faster and at a lower cost.
Credits2Careers also helps you explore careers based on either your military background or your personal goals and interest and VCCS programs that prepare you for the career you choose.
Create a C2C account and load your military transcript to get a complete estimate of college credits for your military experience, explore careers, find VCCS degrees that help your career, search jobs...and more!
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