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Find credits granted for a certification by any of the VCCS colleges.

A match has been found to a credential in our application, you may be eligible for credit! Press this button to "unlock" the artifact and enter the information manually.
Matched! The ID and Title are locked for editing.

Add any licenses or certifications you hold. You can then see the transfer credit you may be awarded by clicking on Check My Credits.

  • Enter the Institution/Organization (such as FAA) or Title (such as Control Tower Operator) to match to a credential in our database.

Required fields are marked by a red asterisk, but you can add more information if you desire. A credential must be linked and shown as matched (indicated by the green check mark) in order for it to be evaluated.

If you have certifications that do not result in credits, they will be included in the Non-Evaluated Credentials section. You should contact the institution or, if you have an account, use College Connect to have them evaluate these credentials for possible credit.

InstitutionCourse NameCourse IDCredits