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  1. How Much Does it Cost to Attend? Tuition Information

    Virginia’s Community Colleges are meeting an affordable tuition goal: Tuition will not exceed half of the average cost to attend a public four-year institution in Virginia.

    To find out about current Tuition Rates, please visit: 

    Please consult the community college you are interested in for complete information about tuition and any other fees that may apply. - October 7, 2021

  2. General Step-by-Step for Justice-Impacted Individuals to pursue college programs

    1. Check if you can go to college: Find out if you can go to college based on your past and the rules in your state. 
    2. Find the right college: Look for a college that has the classes you want to take and is friendly to people who have been impacted by the justice system. - March 6, 2023

  3. Funding, Scholarships, and Grants for Justice-Impacted-Individuals

    FAFSA Resources

    The FAFSA is a form you fill out to ask for money from the government to help pay for college. It helps find out if you can get financial aid, like grants, loans, or work-study, to make college more affordable. - March 20, 2023

  4. What information do I need when I fill out the 2023-2024 FAFSA?

    Here’s a checklist:

    You should have the following information and documents with you as you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): - March 31, 2023