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Program Details

AA&S Degree in Arts and Sciences - Sustainable Science

Associate of Arts and Sciences
Eastern Shore Community College

The Associate of Arts and Sciences Transfer Degree/Sustainable Science Specialization Program is designed for persons who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a baccalaureate degree. The specialization courses fulfills the laboratory science requirement and provides education in basic science and laboratory techniques. The specialization focuses on the modern challenge of introducing ways to apply chemical and biological knowledge and techniques for less toxic, less waste producing outcomes in the environment requiring the study of the interrelationships of science, technology and the human world. By selecting appropriate electives, students should be able to complete the lower division requirements for a variety of baccalaureate majors. Examples of majors to which this program may prepare students for transferring are Chemistry, Environmental Science, Ecology, Biology, and Mathematics. In order to be assured that courses transfer to meet lower division requirements at the specific institution the student plans to transfer to and the major anticipated, students should consult their academic advisor to schedule their courses. Students are also encouraged to investigate guaranteed admission agreements (GAA), available for many colleges and universities in Virginia, contact their selected college's admissions office, and consult their selected college's transfer guide if one is available. Counselors and academic advisors can assist with locating these resources.


1.Communication RCC degree graduates will: a. understand and interpret complex materials; b. assimilate, organize, develop, and present an idea formally and informally; c. use standard English; d. use appropriate verbal and non-verbal responses in interpersonal relations and group discussions; e. use listening skills; f. recognize the role of culture in communication. 2.Critical Thinking. RCC degree graduates will: a. discriminate among degrees of credibility, accuracy, and reliability of inferences drawn from given data; b. recognize parallels, assumptions, or presuppositions in any given source of information; c. evaluate the strengths and relevance of arguments on a particular question or issue; d. weigh evidence and decide if generalizations or conclusions based on the given data are warran e. determine whether certain conclusions or consequences are supported by the information provided; f. use problem-solving skills. 3. Quantitative Literacy. RCC degree graduates will: a. use logical and mathematical reasoning within the context of various disciplines; b. interpret and use mathematical formulas; c. interpret mathematical models such as graphs, tables, and schematics and draw inferences from them; d. use graphical, symbolic, and numerical methods to analyze, organize, and interpret data; e. estimate and consider answers to mathematical problems in order to determine reasonableness; f. represent mathematical information numerically, symbolically, and visually using graphs and charts. 4. Scientific Literacy. RCC degree graduates will: a. generate an empirically evidenced and logical argument; b. distinguish a scientific argument from a non-scientific argument; c. reason by deduction, induction, and analogy; d. distinguish between causal and correlational relationships; and e. recognize methods of inquiry that lead to scientific knowledge.

Program Credit Requirements
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Program Overview & Guidance
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Transfer Degree
Transfer Guidance Element What You Need to Know
Is This Degree Right For Me?
Program Requirements
Program Requirement Notes

This curriculum should provide sufficient flexibility to meet lower division requirements for majors in engineering or related fields at many colleges and universities, and should allow students to succeed in transferring to obtain a baccalaureate degree. It is extremely important for students to work closely with their academic advisors to assure a successful transfer.

What Should I Consider When Selecting Courses

  • Create a schedule for all required courses, pay attention to prerequisites and when courses are offered, complete your first math and English courses in your first year
  • Connect with an advisor at your community college and Eastern Shore Community College within your first year via College Connect
Are there other program requirements beyond specific courses?
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Program Successes & Highlights
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What If I Have An Associate Degree Or Credit For Prior Learning?
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Transfer Guidance Element What You Need to Know
Associate Transfer Degree Completion

Completion of Associate Degree Concurrent with High School
Credit for Prior Learning
Did You Know That...
  • Completing your Associate transfer degree post-high school satisfies all lower division general education requirements and increases the chance of completing your bachelor's degree?
  • Exceeding 3 years or 90 credits at your community college means you may have exhausted your financial aid at that college and have limited your future financial aid at: Eastern Shore Community College
College Level Information
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Transfer Center
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Transfer Admission Application
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Transfer Student Aid
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Number of Transfer Students
Percent of Transfer Students
67% of 2482 Transfer students who applied were accepted. The average GPA of transfer studenst accepted was 2...see more
  • 67% of 2482 Transfer students who applied were accepted.
  • The average GPA of transfer studenst accepted was 2.98
Transfer Guidance Element What You Need to Know
Is This College Right For Me? YES!! (Your Eastern Shore) is ESCC's culture of hospitality. We look beyond steps in a process to the comprehensive learner experience. YES!! encourages all to start from a positive perspective, develop personal YES!! visions and statements, and take prideful ownership of the college and the entire Shore community. We invite you to discover your YES!! at Your Eastern Shore Community College.
Transfer Student Catalog Year Catalog year determined by first semester of attendance
Applying for Guaranteed Admissions
Where Can This Degree Transfer
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This Section displays degrees most closely related to this program and to which you may be able to transfer. Please check with the individual institutions for detailed advice.
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This program could not be matched to any related careers. Please contact the institution for assistance with matching this program to careers.