How does the Credits2Careers portal work?
How does the Credits2Careers portal wo ..
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How does the Credits2Careers portal work?


How does the Credits2Careers portal work?


Get started on the next chapter of your life today. It's easy, just follow the process below.

  • Build your Profile & Portfolio- Tell us a little about yourself and your experience and you'll be on your way to finding out how your previously gained knowledge and skills translate into college credit. Select the dropdown menu items in Add to Portfolio that match your previous work experience, academic courses, exams, awards, etc. Current VCCS students can also upload their transcript and current military and veterans can upload their JST.

  • Review your estimated credits- Based on the information in your Credits2Careers portfolio, instantly get an estimate of your Credits for Prior Learning. You will be able to review academic programs and associated degree maps that illustrate how your credits are applied. Explore degree and non-degree programs by field of study and identify the VCCS colleges that offer them. 

  • Explore your career possibilities- Inside the Credits2Careers portal, you can enter information about your passion areas, aspirations and geographic preferences that will help guide you toward a career path.

  • Talk with a Credits2Careers Navigator- If you have any questions about Credits2Careers, your estimated credits for prior learning documented in your portfolio, or as you explore your academic or career options, you can request to connect to any advisor at any of the VCCS colleges you are considering. 

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