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Your Education

A post-secondary education is a stepping stone to improved employability, a better job or even changing careers. If you are active duty and preparing for the time when you will transition out of the service or a veteran, you need to take advantage of the course credits offered by Virginia's Community Colleges for prior military or civilian experience, training and education, also called Credits for Prior Learning (CPL), to get a head start on getting your college degree, certification or workforce credential. This head start will save you time and money as you will now need to take fewer courses.

Once you have created your portfolio of prior experience, education and credentials in C2C, you can get an instant evaluation and estimate of credits, your CPL, from any Virginia community college. You do not have to mail your transcripts to any of the colleges (until you decide to register) or wait several weeks for someone to evaluate it. You can take advantage of this capability 24/7 and from anywhere with an internet connection and just a phone.

After you have viewed your course credits, you are ready to explore and make decision on your future education options. You can review the programs - Associates (2 year) degrees and certificate (longer than 1 month and less than a year) - offered by any of Virginia's Community Colleges. You can choose to look at programs related to your MOC or just search for programs by subject area of interest to you.

For any VCCS program, you can get an exact map of

  • How many of your course credits or CPL apply to the requirements of those programs.
  • How many credits are left and what courses you can take to meet those credit requirements.

Please keep in mind that you will maximize use of your CPL if you select a program that is aligned with your prior experience. However, that should not be the primary criteria as you decide on a program to pursue.

You can also get an estimate of your cost to complete. These cost estimates factor in:

  • Tuition Assistance benefits based on the relevant service branch, if you are active duty; or
  • A broad estimate of Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits based on your months of active service.

In order to help your decision making, C2C lists the careers associated with a degree program – these are the careers you can build with a specific certificate or degree. Details of each career are then available within C2C, including currently open jobs from Indeed.