How it Works - Justice Impacted Individuals
How it Works - Justice Impacted Indivi ..
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How it Works - Justice Impacted Individuals

Whether you have completed courses or training from a vocational center, college, Campus Within Walls, or a Department of Corrections Career & Technical Education program, or have previous work experience, Credits2Careers can assist you with determining how many credits you can earn from your prior learning experience. Shave off time to completion and save money by receiving credits you have earned towards a certification or degree. You can also explore Virginia's community colleges to continue your career pathway and find the next steps for your educational journey.
Build Your Profile & Portfolio.
Tell us a little about yourself and your experience and you'll be on your way to finding out how your previously gained knowledge and skills translate into college credit. Select the dropdown menu items in Add to Portfolio that match your previous work experience, academic courses, exams, awards, etc.
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Review your estimated credits.
You'll instantly receive a report that details your estimated credits for prior learning at each Virginia Community College and which degree programs are most aligned with your experience.
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Explore your career possibilities.
Inside the Credits2Careers portal, you can enter information about your passion areas, aspirations and geographic preferences that will help guide you toward a career path.
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Talk with a Credits2Careers Navigator.
For every VCCS campus you're considering, request to be assigned an advisor.
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Stay active in the portal.
Continue to use the portal to message with your advisor, research programs and search for a job.